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Outlander Series

 The Outlander series it’s based con the series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. In the series we’re introduced to Claire Randall, whose maiden name is Bishum, who goes to Scotland, with her husband, Frank, for their second honeymoon. In an accidental and magical way, she travels through stones Craigh na dun and ends up in the eighteenth century, in the hands of clan MacKenzie. There she meets Jamie, and her heart will be divided between the past in which she has been involved and her desire to return to her beloved Frank, while she will have to face the challenges presented by a different time and the fearsome Captain Jonathan Randall.

The series not only has a wonderful story set in the beautiful land of Scotland, but also a splendid cast that beautifully captures the essence of the characters. Not only can the ways of Scottish culture be seen, but special care is also taken to show the details of the clothing, and the steps to make such clothes. The Outlander series is the perfect example of what can be achieved with a good team of professionals working together. 

From the history books adapted by extraordinary writers who are very clear in what they want and how to display it in different ways, through props and characterization that are accurately ser within the time, down to a cast of actors who take their characters to the limit and give the audience goosebumps.

And of course, there is that harmonious soundtrack, courtesy of Bear McCreary that literally is music to my ears.

I only have three worries about this series:

1- Being as good as it is, and with how intense it was, will The second season rise to the same standard?

2- The last chapter makes it very clear what they propose to do in the second season, but that creates many potential problems; how will it change without causing problems? And this is the only thing that i might not agree with, for example, Claire, so logical and rational.

I guess it’s because everything is resolved and they need to open another door for the second season.

3- I am also looking forward to the part where the visit from the mysterious man in the future is explained.

For now I think I will read the books.




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